New updates and improvements to Sendwin

  1. Major Updates live v3.9.8

    New Feature


    1. New! Option to Cancel recurring payment
    2. New! blogs and videos tutorial guides
    3. Improved! Sharing options improved
    4. Improved! Extra security layers added for sessions
    5. Fixed! Bugs in v3.9.8



  2. Major Updates v3.8

    New Feature
    Sendwin v3.8

    Major Updates Live v3.8


    1. Email verify & Password reset option.

    2. Replace Search bar from menu and add group in extension

    3. Directly add proxy from session

    4. Show recent email history and add share quickly

    5. OTP for new location sign in

    6. Share option by group - Pro Plus Plan

    7. Change email option available in account sections


    Bugs Fix:


    No security key required for Guest users

    Email Input issue fixed

    Mobile View fixed

  3. Open Secuirty Protection live now!

    New Feature

    What does it actually do?


    All of the sessions you create will be protected by the Open Security key file. All encrypted sessions can only be accessed with a key. Even if a user or hacker gains access to your email, password, or Sendwin server, hacker will be unable to access saved sessions that user created, Saved Sessions are only accessible to you via the key you generated.

    Its live for Chrome extension v3.6


    How to Use it?


    1. Login to

    2. Open extension and click on Generate file.

    3. Save generated key. You can also download key from account section extension.


    Note: Edge extension will be updated soon.


  4. Major Updates v3 (Live)

    New Feature
    Monthly Update

    Major Updates v3


    Sendwin v3


    • Whatsapp is now supported in multiple sessions
    • Gmail and all the Google related sites are supported in multiple sessions
    • Twitter is now supported in multiple sessions
    • Pdf download options is live now
    • All CRM site reload issue fixed like, pipedrive etc..


  5. What's coming 2022 - Major Updates in Roadmap

    V2 (3)
    • Browser fingerprinting protection - Instead of trying to prevent websites from reading your computer’s fingerprint, Sendwin allows reading it but replaces your original fingerprint with a different one.
    • Team Feature - Invite members and share access with all members.
    • Session Tracker - Track session share by IP
    • Affiliate System - Just refer your friends, followers, and customers to earn % in recurring commissions for lifetime!


  6. Sendwin v2.2 Live!

    V2 (2)


    • [Security Update] Temporary sessions cannot be shared, now only Stored sessions will be shared.
    • [Bug] Shared Cookie issue patched.
    • [Bug] Some sessions reload after 5 seconds example Linkedin and more sites patched.


    If you are facing any issues, please update extension to latest version!


  7. Sendwin v2.1 Live!

    New Feature
    Monthly Update
    V2 (1)


    What's New!


    • Blur Feature (Beast Feature)
    • Use multiple websites in the same session - One session to manage multiple accounts
    • Option to Select Multiple Session for Bulk session creation
    • Group Share option - Share group (category to any Sendwin Users)
    • Assign proxies automatically - Give you ability to add proxy to every sessions you create.
    • Session Different Icons - Add beautiful icons for every sessions.
    • Extension login bug fixed
    • Register and Login bug fixed


  8. Sendwin v2? What's Coming?

    New Feature


    Coming v2

    - Blur Feature - Blur every sessions you create (Beast feature coming)

    - Assign proxies automatically

    - Give you ability to add proxy to every sessions you create.

    - Session Different Icons - Add beautiful icons in tab for every sessions